Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I don't answer, it's because I'm in the pool

T gets cast number 4 on next week which means he gets a break from his cast. Which means we will be hanging out at my friend Stephanie's pool as much as possible until then so Talmage can wiggle around in the water to his hearts content.

"De-casting" of course meant we needed to call "Dr. Natalie" a.k.a. "Natalie Clause". She knows how to take care of business, no matter what the business is.

 Here we have the tools of the trade: Tin Snips and a pair of Cutco scissors.

 The steady hands of Natalie.

And a little boy who can CURL up and snuggle. {Natalie and a cast-less Talmage}

Talmage took a really long bath tonight and loved playing in the water.
Now I'm off to snuggle him.

P.S. I learned how to make the animated gif here.

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