Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet Syd

I was so touched by the responses from my last post. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

Well, it has has been raining a lot around here. A lot a lot. S&T are doing great and are eagerly anticipating their birthdays in less than a month. They are sooooo excited. I am so blessed to be their mama.

Last Saturday we went to Lucy's dance recital and it was lovely. While I was back stage with Sydney snapping a few pictures of Miss Lucy, Talmage was with Aunt Emily, Grandma Jean and cousin Rachel. After I got back to my seat Talmage got restless so we went out to the lobby for a little break. Emily said that Sydney was very enthusiastic about the performances while I was gone and hollered out loudly as she clapped after each dance. She thought everything was "so awesome". I love my Sydy.

 You can see pictures of the lovely Lucy at her recital here. And here is a picture of  Syd while she was keeping me company back stage and also a shot of a great quote on the exterior of Kingsbury Hall where the recital was held.

When it's not raining I have been trying to make my yard less of a menace to the neighborhood since in the past it has been quite the dandelion farm so I've heard. Sydney has been collecting rolly pollys a.k.a. potato bugs a.k.a. pill bugs and also found a few lady bugs which are her favorite. She has them in a special spot on the fireplace mantel (to keep them safe from "the babies" she says) and when she is with Tyler she calls me with frequent requests to send her pictures, close-up pictures, of her lady bugs:)

Here's my little lady with her lady bugs.

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  1. you really know how to capture the moment, thanks for sharing!


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