Friday, May 27, 2011

In my backyard or why my treadmill will be gathering dust

Earlier this week when I ran this trail I was dying, but tonight I had such a great run and it was just so beautiful.
From my house to where I was taking this picture only took me about 25 minutes and I'm not even very speedy...


 I really haven't done a lot of outside running since I have ankles that seem to get twisted a lot when I run outside, but I have been working to build up my leg strength. I am already addicted to this beautiful, beautiful mountain that is right in my backyard.
 I have always been sort of a treadmill girl, but this changes everything.
 Taryn, one of my running friends, and I kept our eyes open for mountain lions, but the only thing we ran into (almost literally) was our stake president on his way down the mountain.
During my run today I was thinking about how life and mountains and treadmills have some parallels...

When I run on my treadmill I have to make a conscious effort to decide how fast and far I am going to go. When I decide to run the mountain trails, once I decide, the mountain sets my course. I don't get as much of a say as to how much effort I expend because the mountain requires a certain amount and will accept no less than the minimum effort it takes to climb it. And if I feel like quitting, I really can't.

At certain times of my life when I have had different challenges (that seem like giant mountains) I have thought to myself, wow, I am learning so much from this, but why didn't I choose to learn this rather than be in a situation where I was almost forced to learn it?

I'm not quite sure what the answer is, but although the mountain trail is really challenging, the view from the top is spectacular.

I think the same thing can apply to my challenges...although sometimes my challenges seem more difficult than I can handle, when I get to the other side of them, it all seems worth it and I feel so much stronger.


  1. I love it, analogies and all. I have always been an outdoor runner for the reasons you mentioned, the treadmill has always been a challenge. so happy you are discovering beautiful places!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Reminds me I need to get out more :) Hang in there and keep on truckin' to the top!

    (p.s. My blog is private now so shoot me an email and I would be happy to send over an invite.)


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