Thursday, April 28, 2011

blue skies

The ski was a beautiful bright blue today. Blue skis juxtaposed with white fluffy clouds, snow capped mountains, and beautiful temples.

Makes me happy.

We went on a little  field trip to Salt Lake today and on the drive over I noticed a lovely little orchard bursting with blossoms. On the way back I decided at the last second to pull over and check it out. We started walking through it and there were 8 professional photographers there photographing clients. We walked around looking at the lovely bride and groom posing by a chandelier hanging from the tree branches, a family of 5 all dressed up taking family portraits, a little girl in a fancy dress with a parasol, and this lovely little tea party.

When we were admiring their little orchard party the photographer asked if I would like to take a few pictures using her props. Ummm...YES! How nice of her! (check out her site here:

Talmage wanted nothing to do with the orchard pictures but he did give me some of his happiest, smiliest grins earlier today.

And Sydney did too.

I love these shots of her. Lately I have had a hard time getting a "normal" smile from her...when I say "Smile!" she makes the weirdest faces, so I discovered today that I just had to get her laughing and talking to capture the real stuff. And the real Sydney is completely, completely adorable.

Although I might be the teeniest, tiniest bit biased:)


  1. I love the tea party picture and Sydney is beautiful! She looks just like you which of course, means you are beautiful too!

  2. Rebecca what beautiful photos! I just got your comment today about the butter chicken. Add the sugar when ever you like. I usually do it at the very end after I taste the finished product. I'm going to have to try it in a crock pot. Such a good idea. Do you live close to Emily? She sure talks highly of you. I'd say she likes you a lot:) Have a great day! Lisa

  3. Per usual, I LOVE your photo shoots. We must get together soon! Maybe we could meet halfway or something? Thanks for the macarons site!

  4. cute! where is this little orchard????


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