Sunday, April 24, 2011


A friend of mine drew this picture by hand back in high school. If you look closely you can see that the picture is made up of tiny dots. On this Easter Sunday as I think about the Savior, I think of how my relationship with Him is sort of like this drawing. Every single thing that I do to build my relationship with Him and to show my love to Him is like a dot in this picture. The more I do to follow His perfect example, the more complete and beautiful my relationship with Him becomes. Like this picture, if I have more dots, I will be more able to have Him present in my life and see His hand in all things.

When I think about what it really means to me that the Savior lived and died for me and for every person who has ever lived, I have thought about how His Atonement not only paid for my sins, but that His Atonement also covers the things that happen to us beyond our control. His Atonement can heal me from anything I go through and make me whole and stronger. I especially think about this principle as it relates to my sweet children. Sometimes I ache for them thinking that certain things in their lives aren't fair or aren't what I wanted for them. Things that will make their lives harder. But I know that the Atonement covers that. That every thing they suffer through, they will be blessed for. Patricia Holland said it so well in her book 'A Quiet Heart'.
"Your pasture will compensate for your path...there will be a pouring forth of blessings that directly heal and repay for every individual pain and sacrifice you are experiencing... It isn't God's anger that allows change and upheaval and, from time to time, suffering in our lives. It is in fact his tenderest love that allows it... I am not seeing God's stretching of me as punishment but as reward because it has always led me on to a higher level of spiritual understanding and always–always!–has brought me unanticipated and seemingly unearned blessings."

I see the hand of the Lord in my life in great abundance, even in the smallest details. And my greatest, seemingly unearned blessings, are right below... my dear children. I love them with all of my heart and I am so grateful for them.


  1. Happy Easter Rebecca! You are a great mom, and a great example.

  2. I lost my picture from Doug a few moves ago and spent years looking for it :( It was one of my favorites.

  3. Hey Em, I bet he could get you another one. I am planning to go see he and Stephanie and their kids so I will ask him about getting you one:)

    Thanks Rachael<3

  4. It is sure an amazing drawing! Every single dot, drawn by hand.

  5. Well said, Rebecca. You have beautiful children and a beautiful perspective.

  6. Hi Rebecca - What a darling girl! I just looked at Devin and Nicole's blog and their little Brynlee has the same cute Easter dress. Good taste must run in the family! Julie Gneiting


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