Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snippets of December...Cosmo, Jingle Bells, and #36

Just a quick little December update according to my 'big' camera...

 Sydney's class party, oh the Christmas magic is thick in the air!

Talmage's class party with an appearance by Cosmo...yep, I'm pretty sure my kids are already die hard BYU fans (which is a bit hard to swallow since I'm a third generation Aggie)! It was a Polar Express themed party so all the kids wore their pj's to school, I thought bed head went along great with the pj's, plus we were running late, thus T's bed head!

We trekked 4 hours up to Idaho Falls for our annual Milligan Christmas reunion with all my cousins on my moms side and all their kids...which turns out to be a huge group! We went for a hayride, went swimming, jumped at the trampoline gym and then gathered for a lunch and a talent show. Talmage practiced for his recital which was later that day and played Jingle Bells while Sydney sang along and then they both taught everyone a little Chinese. We had to take off early to make it back for Talmage's first ever piano recital.

Talmage has only been taking lessons for about a month and as a non-piano player I was just amazed at him! He really loves playing the piano.

These pictures were taken this morning, by Tyler who was nice enough to bring Sydney's shoes over and come and tie Talmage's tie.

Oh! And I turned 36! Happy Birthday to me! This rose was in a beautiful bouquet from Jared. 

Merry Christmas! Joy to the World! and etc...

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