Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Holiday Gift Guide

Maybe you are all finished with your holiday shopping, maybe you are just getting into the zone or maybe you just have a few little things you still need to get. If you're all done maybe my list will be helpful later on for birthday, Mothers Day or other gift giving occasions. Please feel free to add your shopping finds or the ones you have heard about through the Santa Clause grapevine in a comment. This list is part things I have purchased, and used and loved, part things I have purchased but have yet to use and also gifts that are on my wish list. Check back later for updates on the gifts to see if they are really as great as I think they will be.

I am writing this from my phone at the moment, so check back later for pictures and such after I have a chance to update from a computer.

Happy shopping to you!

1. Polaroid Digital Camera
Like the old fashioned Polaroid cameras you can print photos right out of your camera instantly, but unlike the originals this camera is also a digital and video camera and you don't have to print every pic you take, just the ones you choose. Great for all ages in my opinion. If buying on Amazon, an extra $20 can get you 2 years of protection from accidental drops etc, which makes this a viable gift for even the littlest ones on your list. I did not like the polaroid carrying case that I bought in addition to the camera that is specifically for this camera. It's much too snug and while trying to get it inside I accidentally turned it on and hit random buttons. I'll be looking to get another case that also has extra space for the photo paper refills.

2. Navy Blue V Neck 100% Cashmere sweater by Halogen at Nordstrom. Wearing it right now and loving it. Ever since I read Carmen Electras top 10 list of wardrobe essentials (nope I'm not joking and yep, i know youre laughing!) several years ago I have been on the lookout for the perfect cashmere, navy blue, slightly oversized, v neck sweater. To find a v neck that I don't have to wear a shirt of underneath is nigh impossible...until now. Now since I have never owned anything cashmere before I'm not sure how it compares to much more expensive cashmere, but I just love it!

3. Volume controlled kids headphones from Radio Shack. Someone on my Christmas list will be getting these headphones along with my old iPod.

4. Speaker from Radio Shack. Nope, it's not super duper high quality sound, but it's way better than my iPhone speaker and I can have my phone in my room with me and have the Blue Tooth operate the speaker downstairs to play bedtime music for the kids. Love that it is so portable.

5. Hobo wallet. I have never spent so much on a wallet, but I have no buyers remorse. It's something I use every single day and it is awesome.

6. Auto Expressions car scent. Great stocking stuffer because who doesn't like a car that smells good? And I'm not sure why, but those car freshened that hang from rear view mirrors bug me. I got mine at the Super Sonic Car Wash.

7. Foot massage ball. Another great stocking stuffer because who doesn't love a foot massage?

8. 3D kids book. I know Talmage would like nothing more than another dog, but that's not happening and this book promises that the images pop right off the page and its almost like you can reach out and pet them.

9. Puzzle. I'm not really into puzzles but there is a 6 year old at my house who is and it really helps me slow down and enjoy spending time with my kids when we are sitting around a table working on a puzzle. It's so fun to see how excited my kids get when they can fit the pieces together.

10. Hand warmers. Another stocking stuffer idea for my cold weather friends. I have been sending my kids to school with these on these frigid days to keep them a little bit warmer.

11. Chick-Fil-A calendar. Besides being clever and fun, these original and brilliantly designed calendars have great coupons that more than pay for your calendar purchase. Get these early because they always run out.

12. 30x40 Photo canvas from Costco. This is big enough to make a statement on any wall without breaking the bank. Pre-made frames this size are far and few between and custom frames this size will run $300+. Plus, with a framed piece this size you are looking at a heavy picture. Canvas is lighter weight and going frameless makes it simple to match any decor. At $150 it's a good value.

13. Sycamore Row by John Grisham. I have heard great things about this book from lots of people including my uncle who is a stake president.

14. Mr Pencil by Leap Frog. This works with an iPad app that helps kids learn to write and/or improve their handwriting. We got it for the latter, and Talmage has spent hours "playing" on it and it looks like his handwriting is getting neater!

15. Cell phone radio attachment from Walgreens. If you have a newer car you wouldn't need one of these but it has been so great for me in my pre-smart phone car. A wireless way to listen to songs on my iPhone through my car sound system.

That's all for now!
Merry Merry Christmas!

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