Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pour yourself a cup of Sweet T on memory lane

One item that I haven't yet completed from the divorce decree is to get Tyler copies of the pictures of the kids that I have on my external hard drives and computer. It has taken me this long because I am deathly afraid of technical things and not only did I have to locate the hard drives, but those darn cords too! And THEN I had the rude awakening that Time Machine is actually not designed to be an archival system but a backup system (maybe I should read directions/instructions every once in awhile), so in order to access my iphoto libraries on my external hard drives I had to do a bunch of technical stuff (create a blank iphoto library, go into to Time Machine, etc...) which I must note that I am very proud of myself for figuring out rather than having a panic attack and thinking that my photos were gone! Needless to say, I got sucked into the photos and I just can't help but post a few that made me smile, these are all of T, I'll post some of Miss Sydney too...


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