Sunday, March 17, 2013

My sweet Sydney has stolen my heart

After looking through these old photos of Sydney I remembered how cute she looks with bangs, so she got some swoop bangs last week. I just love this girl. I could not be a luckier mom than to have her as my daughter.

It's interesting to look at these pictures because I can see my mom in Sydney and I think Sydney looks like me, but I don't see my mom's features in me. As I look at these pictures I recognize my mother in myself as I look at my's interesting to think about...

(I'm noticing that the pics I chose are mostly profiles...maybe the reason I love those photos so much is because they are capturing her true expressions because she's not looking at the camera and posing...I just love her sweet face)

(This one is an iPhone pic from the other day... morning snuggles are the best)


  1. such a cutie! I was catching up on your blog and you are such a rocking photographer! I keep trying to duplicate the kid feet pic you took back in Texas and can't! YOu are amazing! Miss you!

  2. Hey's your new gymnastics friend (that sounds much nicer than "naked man friend." Here's my and Those are my two main ones. See ya next week! Michelle

  3. Such a small world Michelle! I'm glad I will have a buddy at gymnastics! And just to clarify for anyone curious about the naked man, ahem, so Michelle and I met in Belgium when I was 12 and one day we were touring Brugge with my aunt and cousins and there was an 80 year old man walking down the street in the buff!


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