Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Bugs Bunny Brace for Talmage

Disclaimer: I am posting this from my phone so I'm not sure how it will look.

Imagine those big blue eyes looking into your eyes and saying, "mommy, I'm uncomfwatable." I am so grateful for all the improvements Talmage has had with his scoliosis and I am so, so grateful for modern medicine, but, I'm also a mommy who sometimes feels a little sad cinching my baby boy up in a straight jacket before tucking him into bed.

Today was the day t got his new brace and it was so great to not have to have Talmage have to not eat and have nasty medicine. He was so good at the hospital! His last cast was removed on Saturday and T has been on cloud 9...I think this last cast was heavier than most and he had grown quite a bit since march so I think he was so happy to take that thing OFF! He has been enjoying running and playing without his cast on. He has been in such great spirits!

Here are some pics from today:

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