Saturday, September 10, 2011

T's first day

Yesterday was Talmage's first day of PreSchool this year. He just hopped out of the car and ran to the door. He was excited especially since Sydney started school 2 weeks ago. Maybe he was getting bored hanging out with me :-)

On Friday Sydney has a different schedule than most days so my schedule went like this:
Drop off Syd
1 hour
Drop off T
1 hour
Pick up Syd
1.5 hours
Pick up T

Usually they have a similar schedule on the days T has school though. 

T had the camera's attention all to himself and was really hamming it up!

Looking back. . .

 T's first day of preschool last year.

T's first day of preschool in Texas. 
(although we moved to Utah shortly after and he didn't end up going to any more preschool that year)

Well, the above mentioned little guy is begging me to come play blocks with him so I've gotta run!


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