Monday, September 5, 2011

Ain't nothin' gonna slow her down.

On Thursday my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize. It was Sydney's school. They told me Sydney had fallen off the monkey bars and that I should come get her. This was her fourth day of kindergarten. I rushed over. Poor little Syd was sitting in the office crying. It was really sad. Couldn't someone have sat with her and comforted her until I got there? I think that was the saddest part of the whole thing. Seeing my sweet little girl crying by herself on a chair. I don't know that she has ever had to feel that alone before. 

We went to the urgent care and x-rays were taken. She was still in pain and crying. It was broken. The radius, right by her wrist. A buckle break. She got a temporary "cast", really just a splint and they told us to come back today for the real cast (after the swelling subsides).

We went to "Jane's". Our favorite lady who works at a gas station by our house and picked out loads of candy. Sydney felt better almost instantly once her break was stabilized (and maybe the ibuprofen had kicked in by then).

The next day we went up to my little family get-together at the lake and Sydney was full speed ahead. She is the most adventurous one of the bunch and so much fun!

It was so beautiful up there. We went to Snowbasin and rode the Gondola.

With Uncle Pauly.

Cousin love.

We are off to get that cast on!


  1. Darn those monkey bars they do it every time! So sorry Sydney, but I am sure the novelty of a cast in Kindergarten will make up for it. Austin got his cast off the 2nd day but he got plenty of attention on the 1st.

  2. I keep thinking of sweet little Sydney sitting on that chair in the office. Quite a beginning to kindergarten! It looks like she isn't missing a beat and the fun life of a 5 year old keeps going. Claire, Jacob and Clayton all start kindergarten this week too---cousin power!!

  3. Poor Miss Sydney! I'm pleased to hear that she is on the mend and hope things go smoothly.

    P.S You look gorgeous!


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