Sunday, July 31, 2011

peppers & burritos

The fun on the 24th continued with a Habanero eating contest sponsored by Sonora Grill.

Followed by the kids burrito eating contest. 
I really thought this kid was going to win.

But Lucy beat him! Nice work Lucy!

 Lucy was interviewed by Fuel TV and was asked what her inspiration for winning the burrito eating contest was.

She told the reporter: "I was hungry."
Emily and I were laughing pretty hard about that. Especially when the reporter told her that he was sure that the people at Sonora Grill could help her out.
I   l o v e   L u c y !
(p.s. Lucy blogs at:

Next up was the adult burrito eating contest which drew quite a few participants from the indoor surfing competition nearby.

The three first place winners for Burritos and Habaneros.
Go Lucy!

And then...

...the fun REALLY started...

{to be continued, again}

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