Saturday, July 30, 2011

in the teens!

This week Talmage had an x-ray to check on his progress. His spine has gone from a 36 degree curve down to 19! How many more casts you ask? Well, he will just stay in the casts until his back is straight, or until he plateaus. He will get cast #5 on Halloween. Our buddies from Canada are coming in a few weeks so it will be great to see the cast experts. Dylan is 5 and has been in a cast for 4 years. He has 3 curves in his back instead of just one like Talmage. His parents have gone to great lengths to make sure Dylan gets to do everything normal kids can do and Dylan even has his own dry suit. Much fancier than the trash bags Talmage wears when he runs through the sprinklers.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention again how grateful I am to the SLC Shriners Hospital and the fabulous Dr. Jaques D'Astous and his amazing team. Salt Lake magazine did a feature on Dr. D and the EDF casting he specializes in in the August 2011 issue which I will post soon.

In other news...

 We went to a parade on the 24th of July....

The parade was reaaalllly long, and apparently throwing out candy from the floats has been banned, so Sydney and Talmage ended up playing in the fountains most of the time.

And hung out with their cousins.

Lucy Lu and Miss Silly Syd. (the brown-eyed girls)

Rachel and Talmage. Rachel is so grown up all of the sudden and is such a big help with the younger children.

Watched a surfing competition...

Had lunch at Sonora Grill...

and lots more.

{to be continued.}

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  1. I'm so happy to hear about the progress with T's back. That's wonderful. We were accepted into Shriner's Salt Lake, but during that time we had a big scare with Benson. He had respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. We spent a month in the hospital, and thankfully he has pulled through like a champ. He is doing better than ever which I am thrilled about, but the casting is on hold until we know that he is strong enough respiratory wise. But his curve seems to be getting better on its own, so maybe waiting isn't as bad as I was first worried about. I miss you Rebecca. I think about you and love reading your blog. You're amazing! Sending hugs.


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