Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Master's Hand

"...those who diligently seek 
to learn of Christ eventually will 
come to know Him. They will personally 
receive a divine portrait of the Master, 
although it most often comes in the form 
of a puzzle—one piece at a time..."  

Love this quote especially as I look forward to going to the Carl Bloch exhibit tomorrow with Sydney & Talmage. I am especially excited to see these two pieces:

christ and the young child 1873

christ in gethsemane 1879

"...Each individual piece may not be 
easily recognizable by itself; 
it may not be clear how it relates 
to the whole. Each piece helps us to see 
the big picture a little more clearly. 
Eventually, after enough pieces 
have been put together, we recognize 
the grand beauty of it all. Then, 
looking back on our experience, 
we see that the Savior had indeed 
come to be with us—not all at once but 
quietly, gently, almost unnoticed." 


  1. The Carl Bloch exhibit is amazing, and the picture you chose above is my very favorite. Any chance we can catch lunch or dessert or something while you are down here or is your time jam packed?

  2. I love the quote! Wasn't the exhibit great, I love it and wish I could have those paintings all over my home.


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