Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Ghosts/Cows/Lions/Ninjas of Halloweens Past

First, there was Sydney the cow (2006, Virginia)

Then there was Talmage the cow (2007, Virginia)

and his sidekick Sydney the cowgirl.

Then there was the cute lion (2008, Texas)

With his sidekick Dorothy and her sidekick Toto.

Then there was the Chinese Princess (2009, Ogden, Utah)

And her fierce protector Talmage the Ninja.

And Peter Pan and TinkerBell (2010, Ogden, Utah)

Rapunzel and a Knight/Fry Guy (2011, Ogden, Utah)

A Witch and her dog (2012, Provo, Utah)

Here they are with their step brother and step sister, so cute!

I think this year we might do something Harry Potterish since the kids will be going to Disney World and Harry Potter World next month with their dad and they could use their costumes for that too. Lucky kids!

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