Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 Weddings and some flowers

August has been really busy. I have been behind my camera a lot this month. First it was Derrick and Gcobisa's wedding...

Then it was Ashlee's bridals...

Thursday was Ashlee and Todd's big day!

Friday was a flower photo shoot in Draper for my commercial client...

The florist was so nice and even sent me home with a beautiful arrangement which is on my kitchen table.

Today was a 3 hour extended family photo shoot in American Fork with 28 people, and Thursday I have a reception in Springville for a couple who got married in Tennessee.

Yesterday I had some friends over for Sunday dinner, today my boyfriends niece is staying overnight and will be for 4 nights, tomorrow our Shriners buddies from Canada will be in town and we have back to school night, and Wednesday school starts. And I have not purchased a single school supply...Target here we come...or maybe Shopko since it's closer...I don't think I can handle Walmart at the moment.

It's been pretty crazy and after this week maybe it will slow down so I can get some of these photos processed and to these families.

The kids have been with their dad and step mom quite a bit and have been on lots of fun adventures to Yellowstone and to visit family. When Sydney and Talmage have been with me Sydney is always cooking up something crafty leaving a wake of scraps and scissors and tape and paper everywhere. I taught them to play chess and they are really into it and I am also reading them a Nancy Drew book... The Bungalow Mystery.

We got some pretty amazing news at the very end of July that Talmage can stop wearing his night brace! My little boy is brace and cast free for the first time in YEARS! He will have a checkup in 6 months to do an xray and see if his spine correction is holding. Such a miraculous recovery and I am so so grateful for this blessing.



  1. Wow. You have been busy! Your pictures are beautiful. And congrats to Talmage!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wedding and bride shots. You've got quite a talent!


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