Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 Portfolio Review, Part 1

I was feeling overwhelmed at how much I have to learn photography-wise but as I looked through some of the photos I took in 2012 and focused on my favorites I felt better about things. So often I focus on the shots that didn't turn out how I wanted them to, but when I focus on the ones that I love, it makes me feel like there is hope!

I used to live within a block of these four women in these first four shoots. Looking at these makes me miss my friends in Ogden a lot. I miss you Emilia, Adrianne, Mindy and Jess!!! There are lots of nice people in my neighborhood here in Provo, but I don't have the close friendships that I had in my old neighborhood in Ogden.

Emilia was my make-up and wardrobe consultant as I was stepping back into the dating world after my divorce. 

This was a candid shot of Adrianne as we were chatting outside in the beautiful sunshine last winter up at Snowbasin ski resort where she is a snowboarding instructor.  I love that she used this as her facebook profile pic.

I loved getting Mindy's Christmas card with this picture on it! It's so rewarding to see the photos I have taken somewhere besides a computer screen. Mwah!!

And Jess's Darling Fam... I miss their ENTIRE family! Her kids were friends with my kids, babysitters, lawn mowers, etc... Jess has been doing my hair for 2 years and counting and so at least a bonus of my grey hairs is that they will ensure I see Jess often! Maybe I can plan my hair appointment on the day she makes empanadas...

I loved the mystical feeling these shots I took on the Oregon/Washington Coast have...

A fun shot with Ash and T

The coolest wedding open house of all time...

Cute Blake...

I did head shots for all three locations of a dental office and I loved this one and how it shows the friendship between co-workers.

& I loved this fun location for this fun dad and his kids.


  1. i miss you rebecca! hope all is well - all of these photos are so stunning, what a talent!

  2. You are talented! And I miss you terribly. Come back ;)


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