Friday, January 4, 2013

Last Call

Wrapping it up...the last post had lots of Sydney, so here are a bunch of Talmage...

Can you tell this little guy likes firecrackers and such?!

 The best kindergarten teacher in all the land:) Can you just tell by his face how much he adores her?

So glad to leave this chapter of Talmage's life more anesthesia! So grateful for Shriner's Hospital and the amazing people who worked on and with Talmage. They are truly angels. Talmage is currently only wearing a brace at night and will probably get to discontinue that in a few months!

 Talmage is a really great helper with the dishes!

My mom and Sydney

Flowers from my yard.

Max the beloved. I love him too. Especially since he lives at Tyler's house:)

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