Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Melting! + Win a $2200 GNO

I have had some pretty crazy jobs in the past...I got paid to workout and even to sit in hot tubs (to test them:) for ICON Health & Fitness, I got paid to scrapbook for 15-20 hours a week for over 2 years, and now...I am doing a project for this brand new company called TruShape and I am getting paid in trade, the best trade I can imagine...they are melting my fat away! TruShape is brand spanking new and their doors open at their swanky SLC location this Monday.

Hop on over to their facebook page (  and enter to win the Ultimate Girl's Night Out...If you win, you and 3 friends get to go experience the beauty of fat melting in person plus get facial treatments that are so much more than a facial (worth $2200). All you have to do to enter is like their page and leave a comment. You can also get additional entries by posting on your facebook page and/or your blog. 

Here's the scoop on what TruShape is and how it works.

We are a body contouring spa located in SLC. We use Low Frequency Ultrasound and RF to shape and contour the body eliminating fat, and tightening and smoothing skin. We can eliminate those hard to get rid of fat pockets like the love handles and belly, we can also smooth and eliminate cellulite from the legs and buttocks. Our process is safe, efficient and affordable. Known also as non surgical liposuction our treatments are painless and effective with no down time. Come in on your lunch break and go back to the office down a dress or pant size. It is not uncommon to lose and inch or two in only one treatment.

I am thinking that it would be great to fit back into a few pairs of my jeans... Even if I was paying full price, these treatments would cost less than buying all new clothes right? :) I was going to get my first treatment last night, but we got carried away with our meeting so I get to try it out on Monday...I will keep you posted. I have been working out and trying to eat right, but man, I think every woman who has had a baby can tell you that it's tricky to get rid of that tummy!

So you are probably wondering a few things; like is it safe and does it work? Oh ya, and how much does it cost? :) Here's some more info to help answer those questions.

First the $....Similar treatments at other spas cost $1000+. TruShape body contouring sessions are $375 and just for entering the contest you get $100 off (so don't forget to go here to enter). I'm not sure how much liposuction would be, but it is definitely more and I like the idea of non invasive rather than getting knives involved...  Instead of removing the fat cells it just shrinks them, but I also learned that if someone who has had lipo gains a lot of weight the fat grows in around the area they had the lipo and looks really strange. So I guess if the fat comes back at least it won't look crazy!

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