Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My little mugs have returned! They had so much fun being with their cousins, aunts & uncles, Papa and especially Nana while they were in Denver. They are very loved by so many people.

Sydney and Talmage are animal lovers through and through. In addition to Max their dog and Blackberry their hamster, they now have some more animal kingdom friends...Steve the snake, Cookie Dough the cat, and, Sydney's new love, Howie the teeny tiny dog. (Lucky for me, none of these animals live with me so I don't have to take care of them :)

Before Christmas we took a trip to California for the wedding of my cousin Nicole. My sister Emily has blogged about it so I will just send you over to her blog to get the full report on Disneyland,  The Beach,  and   The Wedding festivities... I'm liking this arrangement of me taking the pictures and Em blogging about it...otherwise I am too nit-picky about the pictures and take forever to edit and post them:)

Here's one beach picture...

And...of course, one last little detail...

Happy New Year!
2012 is going to be great!


  1. Yes, I like our arrangement too. Do you suppose you could shadow all of my activities so I can have awesome pictures of everything we do?

  2. I sure do LOVE hearing your blog! I may not write a comment but I do enjoy seeing your pics!


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