Monday, November 28, 2011

Gather Round

Happy Thanksgiving! This was my first major holiday without Syd and T so I decided to head down to some warmer weather to keep my mind off of not being able to be with them. This is the longest I have ever been without my babies and I can't wait to see them tomorrow!!

I have been the very lucky houseguest of my cousin Heidi and her husband Travis who live in Gilbert, Arizona. I can't imagine having more hospitable hosts! 

Sweet Austin, who Sydney and Talmage would have loved playing with, let me take over his room.

He delivered this to me in the morning and made me feel right at home...

...even offered a little in-room yoga sesh:)

And an in-room library with some of my very favorites!

It was so great to be with three of my cousins and their families as well as some of their extended families. While I have been here I have also been able to see some dear friends and do some photo shoots.

I loved being in the Garza's lovely home.

It was all decorated for Thanksgiving.

Heidi's geraniums made me think of Grandpa Milligan and brought back the warm musty smell of his greenhouse.

The Thanksgiving feast was delicious.

Avery helped her daddy peel potatoes.

Because, really, there can never be enough mashed potatoes right?

Carly's rolls were to-die-for.

And I made Travis and Heidi pose for this:-)

The kids were in the other room.

Along with the fabulous food we also had some great entertainment at my end of the table. Ryan told us in detail about how he helped deliver Sophie when she was born. Things are never dull with Ryan:-)!!! I love it! Natalie, Ryan and I stayed up really late one night laughing our heads off...I haven't laughed so much in a long time! Aren't cousins the best!

There was some football after dinner...

...and some great light on the back porch so I had everyone come get their picture snapped.
Natalie & Ryan (6 kiddos!)

 Natalie and Heidi's shots for their upcoming books (heehee)

Heidi, Me and Natalie.


Mother and daughter

 Natalie and Ryan

Heidi and Travis

And then the next day I took pics of my friend Becky and her family.

Such cute newlyweds:-)

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Seriously, what kind of amazing genes run in your family? You girls are GORGEOUS. You keep amazing me with your photog work!! (Jaime and Tess love their pics)


  2. You are such a talented photographer!

  3. Had SOOOOO much fun with you! We seriously need to have "sleepovers" more often! Thanks for all the great pictures and memories.


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