Thursday, October 6, 2011

How can I have a pity party and blog about going to Maui at the same time?

I am sick. My throat hurts really, really bad. It's not strep. It's not the flu...that's what they told me after scraping my swollen tonsils (OOOUCH!!!) and sticking a really long thing up both of my nostrils (Now I think I might cry. Really, you think I can stay still during THAT?!). My head hurts. I am freezing cold. And then hot. I am hungry, but the thought of putting anything down my throat other than chicken broth with a tiny bit of cayenne is too much to handle. Also, my house is a mess. I have lots of bills. (Want to take a stab at how much this divorce has cost me? Or rather, how much is on my 0% credit card that I have no idea how I will pay for?? I'll give you a hint. More than my wedding. Less than Talmage's medical's that for being very non-specific? Seriously though, if you can guess, I will give you a prize. Or not. But really, I might.)

Ok, so I am in the sort of mood that when I click on over to a blog that I usually very much enjoy looking at, instead of thinking, "Oh how nice" or "What a great idea" or "something else positive" I am thinking: Oh I just want to throw up. All those beautiful people taking these amazing trips who have perfect husbands and live in beautiful homes and beautiful children who are complaining about tiny little problems in their ridiculously seemingly-perfect lives.

So ya. That's the mood I am in right now. Been there?

So then, I was thinking, well maybe I will post some pictures on the blog. And then I was thinking oh, I haven't posted about my trip to Hawaii. And then I am thinking. OH MY GOODNESS! I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! Ahhhhhhh!

So I will start by telling you that my life is not perfect. My kids fight all the time. I am lonely a lot. I am totally unorganized. I forget to do things I have told people I will do. I forget to return emails, and yes, even phone calls. I waste a lot of time. etc...

And now, after disclosing my day-to-day, I will tell you that a few weeks ago my friend Mindy (one of my three friends named Mindy) called me and said, "Hey, I'm going to Maui to get married in two weeks. If I bought your plane ticket and paid for your hotel would you come take our pictures?"

Hold on a sec. Lemme think about that one... YES! Why yes I will!

So, that is how I ended up staying in Maui for two nights. Those of you who are my facebook friends probably hate me and likely have blocked me from your news feeds since my trip since I kept annoyingly posted pics of the fabulous food, beaches, etc...

Anyhow, the trip was fun and the bride was BEAUTIFUL!!! Here are some pictures to prove it:


I was there wasn't just a dream...

 Getting the bride ready.  Note to anyone else who want to take me to Hawaii with them when they get married: I am NOT handy with a flat iron. Sorry. That is not on my list of skills. But that's ok, because Natalie IS and we travel can just call us 'The Jet Set...your assistants/photographers/videographers for your Elopement" What do you think? Would you hire us if you were eloping?? Because the answer should really be yes. Really. I could definitely get used to the weekend in Maui thing.

 Me and Natalie. Natalie's hubster works for the airlines so she came along as the assistant to the assistant  or maybe it was the other way around... I'm not sure.

 Me and the bride and groom. Isn't that a fabulous hat that I am wearing? The answer once again is "yes." I tried to steal it from Natalie, but alas, I was ultimately unsuccessful. Darn it.

Ok, well that's all for my pity party plus Maui pictures. I will go back to being my normal, positive self, as soon as my throat stops throbbing.

Which better be soon.


  1. I'm sorry about everything that you're going through - illness, divorce, etc. No fun. I hope you get better soon!

    And my kids don't exactly fight - Afton's too young to fight back. Sam just makes her cry ALL.THE.TIME.

    Your trip to Hawaii looks awesome! You took beautiful pictures.

  2. From one Mindy to another, we are all lucky to have you in our lives. Even at you worst, you are such an inspiration to everyone with you unwavering strength and beauty. Those awesome photos are just proof of your amazing talents which are unlimited. I love you, and just for the kids fight 24/7 too!

  3. Rebecca, I hope you are feeling better soon! It stinks to be sick on top of everything else you are dealing with. Your photos are gorgeous and Mindy definitely picked the right photographer. Hugs. (Hey, they featured Rainbow Gifts on Studio 5 the other day, too!)


  4. "Been there?" Holy hello yes. I haven't blogged in a while because I'm too overwhelmed with my life to think about writing about it. Uhg. You're one step ahead of me :) Hang in there sister! The photos are beautiful by the way - truly magnificent.


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