Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pool Time

Ahhh summer! I love summer. I used to define summer as the time of year when my skin was darker than my hair. My hair would turn golden in the sun and my skin would get tanned from the many hours at the pool as a child and then later as a life guard and swim instructor.

This summer we have spent a lot of time at my friend Stephanie's pool. Sydney and Stephanie's little boy are the same age, will be in the same kindergarten class, and are best buds. Brock even sent Sydney a postcard that said "I love you" written out in his own handwriting while he was on vacation:) I have been teaching swimming lessons to Syd, Brock and Texi and then sometimes we have an older group with Matthew, my friend Natalie's son, and occasionally my nieces Rachel and Lucy also join the older class. It has been the perfect combination of structure and flexibility. Talmage has a little blow up boat that he can float around in so he doesn't feel left out. I have had great intentions of getting some pictures of our fun little swim class (Team Sharks), but due to vacations and sickness we have been on a hiatus from swimming lessons for several weeks now. So, I don't have pictures from swimming lessons since I am always in the pool, but I do have pictures from our never-ending-fun 24th of July when we had a little swim party at Stephanie's pool with all the cousins.

And, just in case you were wondering, and even if you are not, I should mention that it is 6:20pm and I am still in my pajamas. It's funny how differently days can go from one day to the next. Yesterday at this time we were swimming at a backyard bbq at the home of some other friends and earlier that day I had gone to Farmington with my brother, gone jogging in the mountains and found a lost boy, been grocery shopping, etc... And today, well today I have spent a lot of time on the floor in the living room watching kid movies with Sydney and Talmage since they are both sick and just wanted to snuggle with their mama. Thus the pajamas.

And finally, here are the last of the pictures from the 24th of July fun.

Rachel, India, Lucy & Sydney.

We didn't plan to get matching suits, but Emily tipped us off on the Lands End cute two pieces that don't either give the girls wedgies or end up totally stretched out.

Kaleigh, Talmage, Adam, Fred, Finn

(or Charlie's Angels...)

Check out Sydney's awesome Ninja form.

Fred wanted in on the Ninja action too.

Talmage was a great sport despite not being able to get his cast wet. However, on that note, I got an email last week that made me smile from ear to ear. It was from White's saying that they would donate some dry suits for the Shriners kids who are in casts! These dry suits cost around $1000 a pop. I am however, meeting some resistance if you can believe it from the guy at Shriners who coordinates materials...he has all these legal concerns etc... I spoke with him today and told him he better not ruin this donation deal...he was trying to tell me that no one would even be interested in the dry suits. Really? Because I don't know ANY parent whose kid is in a body cast who wouldn't be interested. It was like I was talking to the Grinch. He is the only person I have ever talked to at Shriners who hasn't been super, over-the-top nice. But, I am working with him on it and he says he will talk to Dr. D'Astous who is the chief of staff and T's doc, so I'm sure everything will work out.

Our buddies from Canada are coming this week for casting and maybe they will bring their dry suit and let Talmage borrow it to go swimming. I will definitely take pictures if that happens.

In other news, I am still married. I will let you know when that changes. May 2010 was when we originally separated...how many months/years will this take? Anyone want to make some guesses? You know how people guess which day or what time a baby will be born? Well maybe all of you could take a guess as to how long this divorce process will drag out. The winner will get a prize. I'm not sure what it will be, but it will be good.


  1. So FUN and awesome pics as usual. My bet on the divorce is 2 more months. i hope it is less for your sake!

  2. I have heard rumor that 3M makes waterproof casting material good for at least arms. Maybe it would work for body casts.


  3. Love the pictures. Maybe we should go for some like this next time: http://www.leisuredive.com/

  4. The picture of Sydney and Lucy under the waterfall cracks me up because...I feel like its a flashback from my childhood and I am looking at you! I think in this particular shot she could be you as a child (at least in my memory). Too bad Austin isn't there to keep Talmage company, they could be cast buddies!

  5. Thanks for the 3M tip. Who are you "M"? Is that you mom?

    Kacie, well so far you are the winner of the guessing game. I'm thinking it's going to bifurcate and then continue dragging on... At least the actual divorce part will be over though.

    Emily, those are funny pictures...I think they would take some coordination so I bet Lucy and Rachel could pull off some of them.

    Heidi...I often think I am looking at a mini version of myself when I look at Sydney except she has some extra great qualities that I don't have, like for example, that girl can negotiate! She gets that from Tyler:) It would be great for Talmage to have a cast buddy!

  6. So is this contest like the Price is Right? Can I increase the bid by 1 day and have all of the days thereafter? If that is the case then I bid 2 months + 1 day. Sorry, but lawyers have no incentive to be quick because it cuts into the fees.

    D Borjas


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