Monday, August 22, 2011


Today is the day, (the Eyres had a say)
it's "National Entitlement Awareness Day"!

So push a few buttons, here and there
and you could win some prizes to share!

I have met the authors, and they're pretty great,
They are parents and teachers, nothing less than first rate.

(Me & Linda Eyre)

They have authored many books, too many to name,
they have been on Oprah & have met many people of great fame.

Their purpose is simple, their goal is clear,
They want to help families and they want everyone to hear.

They have lots of practice, they have nine children of their own, 
they generously share their knowledge of how they have grown.

I know one of their daughters, and she is quite nice,
You should definitely get this book, especially at this introductory price!

So don't worry, don't delay
if you order this book, help is on the way!

The secrets of success we all want to know
Of how to help our children to best learn & to grow.

to enter.


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