Monday, August 29, 2011

1st "day" of kindergarten

I don't think 2 hours and 45 minutes really qualifies as a "day", but today is Syd's first almost-3-hours of public school. She is an old pro at this school thing by now though, she started going to Spanish Schoolhouse when she was just 2 years old. She only went two days a week, but it was from 9-2 so I think her time today will go by really fast for her. She has two friends in her class, Brock and Ozzy, and I'm sure she will make lots of new friends. Her teacher is a man who is fresh out of school and she goes to a wonderful, new school that is a 10 minute walk from our home.

Well, I better hurry and post's almost time to go pick her up!

She picked this outfit that she is wearing today. I think she has great taste:) Did you happen to notice she has something new about her? She got her ears pierced and she is over the moon excited about it. She picked the little "diamond" studs herself.

I am excited to pick her up and hear all about it!

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