Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two 4-year-olds + My Grandpa's Garden

Today is the last day of the yearly 10 days when Sydney and Talmage are the same age. Two 4-year-olds. I love this age.

It is finally Spring here and we have spent a lot of time outside lately. I have been teaching Sydney and two other kids her age swimming lessons at a friend's pool. Talmage now has a blow up boat that he can float around in during lessons so he doesn't feel left out. He also sits at the side of the pool and practices his kicking. Ever since I was pregnant with Talmage and could feel him kicking I have thought that someday he is going to be an amazing swimmer. He's got the heart of a champion.

Sydney is making lots of progress and is a little fish. It's fun to get back in the pool and finally have a structured swimming lesson set up that works out so well for everyone (I get a tan + the kids learn to swim:). A few days have been a little chilly, but my friend has had the pool at 93 degrees so we have been nice and warm. We have the lesson and then the kids just play and practice in the pool for the next hour and then end up playing in the backyard on the play equipment for awhile before we go.

We are counting down the days to get T's cast is very STINKY this time. I have taped dryer sheets, odor eater shoe inserts, and sprinkled Shower to Shower powder on the outside to try to help with the smell, but it will definitely be great to start from scratch. His next casting is scheduled for July 13th and he will get to be castless for about a week before that. Hoooray! We will be having lots of fun that week.

Sydney is SO excited for her birthday tomorrow! She loves everything to do with Tangled and I can't wait to see her face when she opens up her presents.

And one more thing, it's a little thing, but a big deal to we were on time for church! This is a big accomplishment for me. We were actually on-time, even a little bit early, for our 9am church! Does anyone else realize what a big deal this is???

I have been going to see my grandpa on Sunday afternoons and I couldn't help but snap some pictures of the eye candy in his garden oasis. It's no wonder he has lived such a long and healthy life (he is 96), he knows the secret to life is working hard and surrounding himself with beauty.


  1. Rebecca, your photography inspires me! You are seriously an incredibly talented lady. A friend of mine is going through a hard time (similar to the experiences you were telling me about), and I told her I'd send her a link to your blog. Hope you're doing great today!


  2. Thanks April:) Your comments inspire me to keep snapping away:) You are amazing!


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