Friday, June 3, 2011

Serious about Silly

My friend Natalie has really gotten me through a lot of hard times these last few months. One of her awesome talents is to find the funny bone in every situation possible...just looking at her makes you smile huh?

(Just in case you were wondering, that is a duct tape bow in her goes great with the clown nose doesn't it?:)

One of her pieces of advice is to always have close at hand (i.e. in a drawer in your kitchen) a clown nose, and one of these masks that you can see Talmage and me modeling below:

As you can see, we are taking Natalie's advice very seriously.

Sydney had a great time practicing her silly faces at my cousin Staci's wedding...

I think this one is my favorite. She's got that fish face down.


  1. nice fish lips. i love doing fish lips to kaleigh. she can't figure them out. love the picture of talmage too!

  2. How fun. I'll have to get myself a clown nose. And the pics of Syd are so cute! You look beautiful, by the way!


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