Thursday, April 7, 2011

Casting Day pics

 Little Angel Boy

 Dr. D'Astous. (taken by Talmage) 

 They know how to make kids happy here.

 (I needed a kiss from little man before they took him away)

 "Bye Mama! I'm going to be fine!"
 I asked the docs if Talmage cried while he was in the OR and they told me that nope, he was totally cracking them up and being funny! The dr. with his back to the camera here is the anesthesiologist. He is awesome. But, I don't know his name! I need to find out what his name is. He is SO nice. I love everyone there. Everyone is so nice.

 This is Cole. He is AMAZING. Such an inspiration. So friendly and positive and strong. We are going to be friends forever. (I did ask Cole and his mom if I could post his pics & they said SURE!)
 Those are attached to his skull.
 Can you see what's going on here? His halo is attached to about 40 pounds.

 Right after coming out...he wanted his new cast to be black and Dr. D'Astous put some of the neoprene on for us in the OR.

 What he chose for his post-op meal. He was crushed when half his candy bar fell on the ground and we said he had to throw it away...he wanted to bring it home for Syd. So many times during that day when he was given something he wanted to make sure to get something or give part of what he was given to Sydney. This was the first time that Sydney didn't come with us. It was her turn to do Show & Tell at pre-school plus it was class picture day, so she skipped this hospital visit.

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  1. So glad that it went well! What a sweet little boy!


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