Sunday, June 1, 2014

The end of an Era

In one week from tomorrow it will no longer be s + t + me. Instead of 3 of us there will be EIGHT! Wowsa! Lots of BIG changes to our lives will be happening very SOON. I will be a wife again! And I will be a step mom to 4! And I will be living in Boise! So many changes. The address of this blog, babywalters, got that name because at the time I originally started writing on this blog (pre-divorce was archived) I was pregnant with Sydney but we didn't have a name for her yet.

I think all these changes call for a new blog and a new blog name... so, once the dust settles in Boise I will be blogging at But before the beginning of this new chapter I want to look back over the past month at all the fun things the kids have been up to....

The Wasatch Art Show!

 I will sure miss living my life against the beautiful backdrop of those mountains!


 Talmage's Mothers Day Program

Talmage brought home the coveted class stuffed animal for the weekend. You gotta love that he was the second to last one to bring it home... I tried not to think about that too much.

I squeezed in some photo shoots before I move... I am, however, planning to come back to Provo from time to time to do photo sessions.

 Field Day!

Birthday Party!

We had an early birthday party for both Syd and T and invited their entire classes.

The pinatas! To my kids, it's not a party unless there's a pinata!

Talmage Ditches the Training Wheels!

Since I don't have my kids for much down time (weekends) during the school year, learning to ride a bike without training wheels just hadn't happened. One day when the kids had an early-out day I decided that this was the day Talmage would ditch the training wheels. At one point he told me he didn't want to die, and I'm pretty sure he was actually afraid he might, but once he got it he was like, oh that was so easy! I'm so proud of him! 

Sydney was a great coach for him and the bribe the whole way through our day was that if Talmage stuck it out and learned, and if Syd was patient and encouraging, that we would go to Provo Beach Resort the next day. I am all about bribes.

End of Year Plays

Talmage was a giraffe in his English play and a turtle in his Chinese play. Sydney had a play too where she was a townsperson in a funny version of Little Red Riding Hood.

 Ms. Xu  and Mrs. Porter have been fabulous teachers for both Sydney and Talmage.

 Last Day of School Dance Festival

This long held tradition at their school was the grand finale of their two years at Wasatch.

 I will miss those mountains.


Every time I caught Talmage's eye he would hurry and look away, funny boy!

Mrs. Snow and Ms. Ge have been such amazing teachers for Sydney. You could not ask for more kind and loving teachers. 

Sniff Sniff...I will really miss living here. Sydney and Talmage will sort of have dual citizenship since they will be here in Provo for more than half the summer and will be flying back frequently so it's great that they both have friends here and that they can still play with them and keep in contact with them.

Happy Days are ahead!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sydney in the Orchard

We were about to drive away and about 10 deer came running through right by us!

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